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Basketball Shootouts (Shockwave)

This may be just the best shockwave game I ever played.Here you will race the clock to score as many baskets as you can during each period. Each period the hoop moves back and forth horizontally. As the game progresses you'll find scoring more difficult as well as more profitable for your score. You'll have to play it to believe it.

Brain Blitz

100's of free online java games from classic arcade to casino, trivia, jokes and much more. Plus they have many multiplayer games with chat.

Mars Lander (Shockwave)

In this game you have to take off and land your spacecraft on mars without hitting the terrains or landing too rough. This game uses real gravitational laws of space so it's very fun to play it

Mud Slinger (Shockwave)

You are Jay Leno. Your goal is to throw mud on the face of the celebrity. Two faces are moving vertically across the screen and you have to throw mud at some of the famous celebrities while trying not to have mud thrown in your face.

Little Piggie Races (Shockwave)

In this game you have 8 races to bet money on 8 piggies. You'll begin with $100 play cash and be given the opportunity to enjoy several races. You view the odds on Piggies #1 through #8 and then wager an amount of money on your lucky pig(s). Continue racing until you have over $100 play cash and then post your score to see if you made the top 25.

Shock Blitz

100's of free wild & wacky shockwave games, greeting cards, cartoons, and much much more.

Game Land Online

This site is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to shockwave games. They have everything from poker to racing games. Not only do they have games but also contests and a message board.

Snow Craft (Shockwave)

This is an excellent shockwave game called Snow Craft. Shockwave games became very popular because of the ability to combine fast loading graphics with game play. In this game there are two teams throwing snowballs at each other. You control the red team. By moving the mouse, you move the kids. KICK ASS entertainment.

Scared (Java)

This Java game is very cool compared to other Java games. This is a doom type game where you walk around the halls killing bad guys. I never thought that a Java game could be so entertaining. Like Quake and Doom but in java. There are disadvantages though, thereís only one gun you can use and only one type of a bad guy.

Battle Tank (Java)

This simple Java game is very cool and entertaining for almost anyone. The good thing about this game is that you donít have to wait for the fancy graphics to load, actually graphics are not the main concern in this game. Itís how good you are at shooting bad guys. There are many levels for any action to conquer so go ahead and give this game a try. Awesome fun.

Cannon (Java)

This Java game isnít that easy to play but is quiet entertaining. Created by an amateur programmer, this gameís objective is to destroy the opponentís cannon before he destroys you. You do that by adjusting the speed and height you cannon fires. Graphics are pretty bad. Do NOT play it unless you're really bored.

3D Lander (Java)

This game is a very realistic flight simulator. The objective is to destroy all the enemies in the air by hovering above the ground. If you are a flight simulator fan, you will love this game, otherwise itís pretty difficult. Can't beat Microsoft Flight Simulator but fun stuff in my opinion.

Web Invaders (Java)

This is a classic game called many names. This particular one is called web invaders. Itís a simple game where you shoot the bad guys flying above you. I didn't like it at all.

Tetris (Java)

Thereís nothing better than our favorite game being played on the internet. This classic game is know to everyone and everyone enjoys playing it. This one is called blocks and graphics are excellent, plus the background changes with every level. I can't stand Tetris so I hated it, you might like it though.

Air Hockey (Shockwave)

This game I will recommend to anyone because not only does it load fast but it also is one of the most challenging fast-paced games available today. If you enjoy playing it in real life, you will love this game by Ezone. HAHA, had me going for 20 minutes.

Roulette (Shockwave)

No need to go to Vegas to enjoy this game. You can do it right from your home on the Internet. The graphics are great and everyone knows the rules. Boring game play though.

Pool (Java)

If you havenít played 9-ball here, you definitely should. Even if you never played pool and donít know how, 9-ball is the one you should start with. In this game, the rules are explained and you can start right away. Yeah baby, awesome stuff.

Snow boarders (Shockwave)

This fairly simple snow boarding game isnít that simple when you really go into it. The objective is to get through 3 runs as fast as possible. There are many borders (houses, skiers) that you will need to jump over. Also, on the last run there is an avalanche behind you. If you like sports games, you will like this one. But I didn't like it, cause you can't really see what is ahead.

Nascar Wacky Racing (Shockwave)

This nifty game from Cartoon Network is great fun for kids but adults will love it too. In here, you are driving in a car and picking up presents on the way. Driving aside you are other cartoon characters, what you have to do is use one of four different pranks to get them off the road. Yeah, I liked it, it's boring though, just for kids kinda game.

Donut Boy 2 (Shockwave)

You are the donut boy and your objective is to collect all the donuts as you run through the floors. There are robots and bad guys that will create some challenge for you. There are about 20 levels so youíll have hours and hours of playtime. Kinda hard to play and the controls are bad.

Blackjack (Java)

Even though this Java applet takes a while to load, I will definitely recommend this game to any casino player or anyone else. The game plays in this version is fast and to the point and graphics are also awesome. Your highest score can be even recorded and published for everyone to see. DAMN, this game loaded for like 10 minutes.

Pacman (Java)

Everyoneís favorite game is now on the internet. You can enjoy this classic arcade game for free here. This particular one is kind of difficult and the bad guys are very fast, but a real pacman fan can beat them. The stupident packman I ever played. You move too fast and there are like 5 bad guys on each level.