Downloadable Games


Nonsense Madness

Finally a game from Cinnamon Interactive that will entertain you. Play 20 strange levels in this new arcade/platform game, which stars the man with the oddly spelled name, Mr Nonsens. Even though this game doesnít take itself serious, it will give you some challenge. Dumb game, but you might like it.

Arkanoid For Windows

This is a remake of an old arcade game now for Windows. There are many new advantages to this version. First of all, itís free and the graphics are very cool. The only disadvantage I might add is that it lacks speed. I don't know about you but I just loved the Dos version. This one is better.

HP Jetspeed

This is an awesome racing game which you can play alone or over a network. While the performance is far from phenomenal, itís great fun when youíre bored. You can actually win prizes from HP by playing this game. Seems like something you may want to play when you're at work :)

X quest

This Dos game is very small and simple. Here you in a spaceship bouncing off the walls of a screen and have to collect gems and try not to die. Nothing original really. I wouldn't even bother unless you're extremely bored.

123 Solitare

This great cards game is a collection of 5 free card games together. The new version now offers Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramid. As the creators claim, the game has up to nine trillion of possible games to play. I'm not a fan of cards but you may like it.


Chess-It is a freeware chess game. Itís an absolutely must have for any chess fan. On this site you will find 3 versions which you can download. The features include multiplayer support via E-mail and updated interface. This was pretty entertaining for 5 minutes.


Evidences is a quiz game with a quizzes editor. You can edit and maintain your own questionnaires (text mode), play with them (the computer asks questions and the user answers), and make possibly progressive programs of questionnaires for pupils in a classroom. There are a lot of configuration options.

Hangman 3D

Everyone knows what Hangman is, this is just a 3D clone. You are given a clue and have to guess a word letter by letter. Each wrong answer brings the hangman closer to his death. There are over 45,000 words in the game, plus you can use your own words. 3D graphics are cool, the only reason I liked the game.


Have you played Carmageddon? Well, if you donít have the time to download that version, this is an alternative. Drive around a car and smash pedestrians. Game features a top down 3D view. Includes F/X like night driving and rain. I'm a fan of racing games, so this was awesome for me.

Chub Gam: Directorís Cut

The game offers fast and fierce combat action while simultaneously creating an ambiance of mystery and terror. Each level offers digital atmospheric sound effects and music, adding a final touch to the game's drama. Described as a 3D game with cool effects, I would try it out.


Cult is a freeware adventure game that casts you in the role of police officer Zack Bon. Using negotiation and trade, you must resolve a situation involving barricaded cultists in a villa two kilometers away from town. Itís an adventure game and if you liked the Zelda series, you will like this. I like adventure games, and this one is with a twist.

Industrial Killers

Industrial Killers by Pie in the Sky software is just a copy from other first person shoot-them games. 3D graphics, sound effects and excellent gameplay are present and best of all itís absolutely free. Not as good as Quake :)

3 Peak Perfection

3 Peak Perfection is a solitaire-style card game. It's based on a game similar to those found on those bar-top video game machines occasionally seen in pubs. It's easy to learn and very addictive, but like I said I'm not a fan of cards so this is not my game.

CG Tetris

This is a Tetris clone with graphics, sound, music, an extended figure set, and more. It can be played in either English, German or French, depending on your default settings. This is one of the best tetris games we have seen with beautiful wallpaper-type backgrounds and sound. The only reason I liked it is cause the graphics are awesome.

Hell Fighter

Hell Fighter is a fast action space combat simulation. It's not an arcade scroller and it's not a slow strategy game either. Hell Fighter combines elements of both into a unique and furious modem/network playable game of combat involving fighters. Cool adventure/action game.


A mastermind clone that will make you stare at it for minutes. Different game levels, mathematical methods to compute combinations left, hint if you can't think of something, High-Scores, Timer, and one of the coolest user interfaces. Will hold your breath for a minute but then it gets boring.

Defense of the Squid Man

Defense Of The Squid Man is a Windows 95 shoot-em-up game with three progressively more difficult levels of game play (including animation, music, and sound effects), plus an integrated background story and instructions.

X Bill

This is one of those Bill Gates spoofs that you can find on the internet. This is a hilarious game where a hacker named ďBillĒ tries to infect your system and you as a system administrator have to stop him. Yeah, don't you just love parody games.

Roll Ďm Up

This is a great 3D pinball game from Dutch beer company, Dommelsch Bier. No pinball fan can miss this opportunity. Arcade fans, this one is for you!


Heroes is a Nibble-like, but with many enhancements. It includes 90 levels in 10 different tilesets (plus a level editor), 12 original soundtracks, 5 gaming modes, nice graphical effects, and much more... It can be played by one or two players.



Even though this is shareware, I must recommend it. This game has been considered the best 3D shooting game. Quake is an absolute must have for any fan of Doom or Duke Nukem 3D. This shareware version contains about 10 full levels. If you didn't play it yet, you have NO IDEA what you're missing.